CHP bikers (3)

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  1. very funny, two boys watching you amazed, nice work

    Comment by fabrizio @ 11. November 2010 | Link

  2. Spannende Situation. Wie sind die beiden damit umgegangen?

    Comment by Herbert @ 11. November 2010 | Link

  3. where they looking at you or something else? nice street image.

    Comment by Otto K. @ 11. November 2010 | Link

  4. @Herbert and Otto: I don’t remember exactly, if they were looking really at me. I was taking several photos at this place, but nothing else happened.

    Comment by grapf @ 12. November 2010 | Link

  5. Mid-July 1967 and I could well have been in the picture…looking at your images is great, like seeing my mis-spent youth flash before my eyes!

    Nice busy street scene and the two guys watching you are funny.

    Comment by george @ 14. November 2010 | Link

  6. very beautiful light ; very sharp and I really like to see all these lives mixed during the moment of your shoot

    Comment by catherine @ 24. November 2010 | Link

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